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T1, T3, Ethernet Broadband Speeds and Broadband Access Providers

Selecting The Right ISP Broadband Speed

The evolution of the internet is a lot like the evolution of manufacturing or of cars, for instance. The world started at a snail's pace, then improved exponentially to make super fast machines which were capable of achieving speeds that most people at the dawn of the technology thought were unsafe and instable. The same is true of broadband speeds: while those who made their way through the ancient ruins of message boards and online chat rooms thought that it would be impossible to load pictures, video and audio within a split second, it is now most definitely possible and widely acceptable. This has given reign to a new internet: an interactive, highly impressive experience that is chock full of video and music.

We take it for granted today that our internet speeds will regularly top those achieved by most cars. We think it normal to be able to load a five minute long video in a fraction of the time it would take to view it, and as we have begun to accept those norms we have demanded from our internet service providers (ISPs) quicker and quicker connection speeds.

Today most ISPs have moved entirely away from the dark ages of 56k modems that required people to dial up and clog up phone lines for hours at a time. Now we believe that our most basic human right is broadband internet at decent speeds, and so the price to set it up has become ever lower through time.

The average user uses their high speed internet for a variety of tasks: many demand to stream online video or audio instead of buying CDs or DVDs; others play complicated and beautiful online flash games which require high connection speeds. The most recent trend has been to replace the traditional phone line with new industry standard voice over internet protocol talking, involving a headset and a basic broadband connection to allow video and audio calls simultaneously. We have travelled a long way.

Gamers now play in massive RPG worlds where trolls and knights battle, and can talk to contemporaries from across the world. Our globe has shrunk as the internet has evolved, and there is little lag.

Businesses have made the smart choice and migrated online, meaning workers are given more freedom to work from home as internet speeds allow the transfer of large presentations and text heavy documents in seconds.

Consumers are presented with a colorful and wide range of internet speeds, dependent on their potential usage. It is this which is most important in choosing a suitable broadband connection.

The most basic entry level speed in the west nowadays is about 2MB. That is sufficient for basic browsing and some video streaming.

But that is most certainly not the best available. The best broadband speeds up to and beyond 50MB are available for an affordable price, allowing users to simultaneously do pretty much anything they want, including stream video and audio as well as playing massive multiplayer online games.

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